…100% recommended…

I 100% recommend Lucas Cohen for his talents in golf instruction and player interaction. I have had the pleasure of knowing Lucas for 8 years. We have worked together on many occasions and his passion and attention to detail make him an excellent addition to any program he becomes a part of.

Aaron Dill
…All parts of my game have improved dramatically…

Amazing, after years of poor playing and useless lessons, it was my great fortune to meet Lucas Cohen, a golf pro who can really teach the game and has a great attitude. All parts of my game have improved dramatically and for the first time I know what I’m doing wrong and can quickly correct any poor swings. The most enjoyable part of the lessons was playing 9 holes with Lucas. Just added more dimensions to my game. I highly recommend taking golf lessons from Lucas Cohen. You will not be disappointed.

Kevin Baltazar
…I owe my improvement and desire to become a better player to him…

I started taking lessons from Lucas Cohen in September 2008. My handicap at that time was between 25-30, with poor fundamentals due to never having any professional instructions. I was 61, in good shape, athletic but limited knowledge on all aspects of the game. Lucas started with the fundamentals from set up to follow through. After 2-3 months I was making much better contact with the ball due to his drills he taught me. Today, December 2009, I am carrying a 13 handicap. Lucas was a major factor in giving me the confidence and knowledge on the proper swing plane, compression of the ball, tempo and drills on the range. He is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher and I owe my improvement and desire to become a better player to him.

Preston Hardage
…I step up to each shot with a level of confidence I’ve never had before…

Before I went to Lucas Cohen for instruction, I was slicing most of my drives. I lost a lot of distance and had obvious accuracy problems. My iron play was very inconsistent, fading balls to the right or pulling balls to the left without an understanding for why. But after several lessons with Lucas, that all changed. I learned that my biggest problem was not my natural golf swing, but rather my body/feet alignment and how I addressed the ball. Lucas taught me how to align my feet properly (to the left of the target), allowing my square club head to be aligned properly with the target (rather than to the right of it). Through this “set up for success” process – almost ritualistic in nature – I became far more accurate with my irons, even developing a slight draw on occasion. I step up to each tee box or approach shot with a level of confidence I’ve never had before. Gone are the common pre-swing questions that worried a golfer like me. Thanks to Lucas’s help – I’m playing the game better and having more fun than ever before.

David Gorin
…I was impressed with his knowledge, patience, and demeanor…

I’m a newly retired Educational Psychologist. I went to Lucas for some instruction and was so impressed with his knowledge, patience, and demeanor. Lucas did not need to use 1,000 words to provide me with important information. He did what an excellent teacher does, communicate the important fundamentals in a way that is easily understandable and has shown to be highly effective!

Fred Stein
…His accolades speak volumes of his tenacity…

For a moment, let’s set aside Lucas’ obvious passion for the game, love for the sport and attention to detail, and focus on his ability. Lucas’ approach to teaching and sharing his craft is a patient balance between assuring you attain tangible results while pushing you harder to achieve more with every lesson. His accolades speak volumes of his tenacity, however, they cannot convey what a learning experience one receives by working with a professional such as Lucas. I can tell you from experience and from taking lessons with Lucas myself, that whether you are shooting 60 on the front 9, or finishing under 70 by the end of 18; Lucas’ experience and ability to guide you will hone your game to a level you yourself may have never imagined.

Chris Klien
…we started seeing results the very first day…

My wife and I were looking to develop some golf skills (we’re essentially novices) since moving down to South Florida, and we couldn’t have been luckier than to find Lucas. We did a full day session and then a follow-up a month later. Lucas’ approach was adaptable to our abilities and our interests. He fit quite a bit of learning into a short amount of time, and we started seeing results the very first day. You can tell Lucas has great passion for the sport and for teaching others, and it definitely rubs off. He provided great advice in the lessons and taught us to “practice with a purpose.” I’m happy to report that with some practice my wife and I are both greatly improved and are well-armed to continue developing our skills in our new-found sport. Thanks Lucas!

Aaron Favara & Erin Williams
…you will not be disappointed…

Last spring, I decided to take up golf after a respite of many years. Being the “Type A” person that I am, I identified a golf coach and had 15+ lessons with him. Despite this – and my practicing and playing every weekend – I made little progress. I decided to give it one more try this year. So, I took a couple of more lessons with the same instructor, practiced, played – and the results were the same.

After one particularly “ugly” practice session at Luke’s newly renovated driving range, I was about to give up – until he approached me and asked if I was open to a few suggestions. He identified a few major flaws which gave me hope that, perhaps, I did have a chance to improve my game. He assured me that if I took lessons from him that he would guarantee an improvement in my game.

In that first brief encounter, I just knew that Luke was the right instructor for me based on his: 1) passion for the sport, 2) supreme confidence in his ability to help others improve, 3) patience to deal with people who are struggling, and 4) straight-forward approach.

In fact, after only a couple of lessons, I learned more about how to improve my game than I did with the 15+ lessons I took the previous year. In particular, Luke showed me how I could enhance my accuracy and power by: 1) changing my grip, 2) actually cutting BACK on my backswing to remain in greater control (“effortless power”), and, most importantly, 3) being in “balance” from start to finish. The resulting progress I have seen in my shots is very satisfying – with disbelief at times that they came off of my swings!

While my performance on the course is still not where I want it to be, I now know that my goal of breaking 100 is within my grasp. As a result, I have a renewed passion and commitment to improving my game – with a growing confidence to match. This would never have happened without the terrific guidance and encouragement provided by Luke. Without ANY hesitation, I strongly recommend that anyone – at any level – who is serious about improving his/her game should work with Luke. You will not be disappointed.

Alan Grupp
…Lucas can articulate thoughts and concepts in a simple way…

In just one summer, Lucas was able to get an entire country club excited about their golf swing. For me specifically, it was the first time I was able to take lessons where I understood what an instructor was trying to have me do, and I saw almost immediate results from his teachings. Lucas has a gift for communication. He clearly understands all aspects of the golf game and can articulate thoughts and concepts in a simple way that anyone can understand. Best of all, I’ve been able to translate my ‘practice’ into on the course play. Because of that, I’ve never been more excited about game and the improvement I’m bound to continue seeing. I highly recommend Lucas to all skill levels and anyone that has an interest in improving their game.

Wei-Li Chong
…Thank you for all your helpful tips…

Lucas, YOU DID IT!!! Thank you for all your helpful tips you gave me to fix my golf swing. I appreciate it.

Lori Nitzberg