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Greenside Bunker Presentation

Rule #1

Don’t go in the bunker in the first place

Rule #2

If you do happen to end up in a greenside bunker get out and get out in one shot. Nothing is more frustrating than leaving a ball in the bunker after more than one attempt.

Get to Know Your Sand Wedge

The bounce of your sand wedge is designed to allow the club to slide through the sand instead of digging down to take a divot. Ideally you want the ball to fly out of the bunker like a piece of sand, with out actually contacting the golf ball. In order to use the bounce effectively you must have the proper set up.

The Start

  • First of all establish the target . . . open the clubface slightly and grip the club the way that you normally would in a full swing.
  • Open your stance slightly to offset the open clubface and have the weight slightly favoring the lead foot.
  • Stand to the golf ball so that it sits about two inches farther forward than the center of your stance.
  • Levitate the Wedge over the sand about 2 inches behind the golf ball so that the shaft and hands are in line with the clubhead.
  • Do not look at the ball ! ! ! Since you do not want to actually strike the ball first . . . It is important that you focus on a point in the sand about 1-3 inches behind the ball.

Swing Characteristics

Club should travel back along the body line ( outside ) Set the wrists in the backswing so that the clubface remains open and will stay open through impact. Clubhead should enter the sand at the point you were staring (2 inches behind the ball) and accelerate through impact on the body line (inside path) maintain the slightly open clubface. Body Rotates to a full finish!

Buried Lies

Set up with the clubface closed, using the full swing grip… this creates a digging leading edge. To get the ball out of the buried lie. Align the body square to the target with the weight slightly on the front foot… this is to premote a descending blow. The ball should be slightly forward of center. Levitate the clubhead over the point in which you are focused on the club entering the sand.

Swing Characteristics

Set the wrists earlier to promote a steeper more V shaped swing. With the V shaped / steeper swing aggressively enter the sand where your eyes are focused and go with it. Your Finish will be abbreviated because of the amount of sand you take / blast out.

Lob Shot

A good lie is important to pull off this shot. Very similar to the greenside bunker shot. (Setup) Long and lazy stroke. Grip down on the club. Shaft angled slightly away from the target. Ball position forward. Weight evenly distributed.